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The Image Me Image You Heritage project has focused on researching, celebrating and creating an online archive resource of Famous Disabled People both historical and contemporary that have U.K. heritage. The characters researched have significantly achieved in their chosen disciplines throughout their lives and have overcome the barriers that their disability presented. Bolton Smart Enterprise in partnership with Bolton Museum, Libraries and Art Gallery have supported young people in researching both Historical and Contemporary Disabled Characters throughout the project. Forty young people have been involved in the project during the 2 years including some young people with disabilities.

Young people have undertaken extensive research on all the characters both locally and nationally that feature on this website.

Young people took part in a series of creative workshops which explored their self-portrait through drawing, collages and photomontages of themselves of which feature on the website. Young people visited the National Media Museum, Bradford to support their research to learn about the history of photography which included looking at digital photography, particularly focusing on portraiture.

Throughout this project some young people have achieved AQA awards and Arts Award.


Heritage Lottery Young Roots

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), the Young Roots programme is designed to engage young people aged 11-25 years with their heritage. Young Roots projects stem directly from the interest and ideas of young people, who are supported by youth and heritage organisations to develop skills, build confidence, and connect with their local communities.

For more informatiton visit the Heritage Lottery Fund Website.

Bolton Smart Enterprise

Bolton Smart Enterprise CIC is a not for profit organisation that work with young people aged 13 – 25 years including those with disabilities delivering educational programmes including, Heritage Research Projects, Basic and Life Skills, Drama, Enterprise Challenges and Events, Visual Arts, Employability Skills and Volunteer Training.

For more information visit the Bolton Smart Enterprise Website.

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A note from our Project Manager

Over the past two years, our research group, peer mentors, steering group, photographers, interviewers and artists have worked hard to research and document UK born people who have greatly achieved despite their disabilities. We have brought together these characters in our Image  Me Image You website to inspire others into achieving their goals. Whilst working on the weekly project I would be amazed at the great things all these people have achieved and it inspires me especially as a young person with complex health issues, to see people who have overcome their personal barriers to get to where they want to be.  As some of the people featured have achieved so much in their lifetime, we couldn’t possibly fit all of it into our profiles, so please feel free to read more about their success using the information source links at the bottom of all the profile pages. We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and reading about these amazing people as much as we loved putting it all together for you. We would love to hear what you think of our website, through our contact page, or you can reach us through social media using the #imagemeimageyou hashtag and tell your friends about us!

Hayley Thompson, Project Manager.

Meet the Steering Group

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“I have enjoyed the research element of the Image Me Image You project and it’s been really interesting to find out about the lives of the different Characters. I have also liked working alongside other young people on the project”- Amy Cockerill

“My favourite part of the project was researching the Contemporary Characters and finding out how their disabilities have affected their lives. I enjoyed working and being part of the Image Me Image You Steering group that planned and made decisions about the project” – Rachel Swift

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Heritage Image Me Image You project researching both Historical and Contemporary Characters and Drawing some of those Characters to feature on the website” – Max Longworth

“I enjoyed the Image Me Image You project especially creating digital photographs with another group member using a portable photography studio. I enjoyed digitally editing my portrait drawings and making my portraits look like Pop Art. Best of all I enjoyed drawing using a variety of materials and techniques particularly Charles Dickens and Winston Churchill” – Aaron Kearsley

“I have really enjoyed being part of the Image Me Image You project and working with other young people. I enjoyed the trips to Bradford Media Museum and The Beatles Cavern in Liverpool.” – Megan Molyneux