Holly Willoughby

Born: February 10, 1981

Occupation: TV Presenter

Challenges overcome: Dyslexia

Successes, Achievements & Awards:

Holly Willoughby was born in Brighton on 10 February 1981 and is a model and television presenter, best known for her work with ITV.

Scouted by fashion management, Storm Modelling Agency, at the age of 14yrs whilst on a school trip, Holly began modelling for Rimmel, Pretty Polly and a number of teen magazines. Being in front of the camera for a number of advertisements, Holly realised that TV work is what she wanted to pursue. Her first audition landed her a role in CITV’s S Club TV in 2000. Later in the year, Holly began presenting work for children’s shows on the BBC, ‘Xchange’, ‘X-perimental’ and ‘CBBC at Fame Academy’.

Her real breakthrough came in 2004 when she rejoined CITV as a co-presenter on their Saturday morning show, ‘Ministry of Mayhem’, which was later renamed as ‘Holly & Stephen’s Saturday Showdown’. Holly continued to present ‘Saturday Showdown’, amongst other shows on CITV before breaking through to become a household name as presenter for ‘Dancing on Ice’ in 2006 alongside Philip Schofield. Since 2006, Hollie Willoughby has presented and co-presented a number of shows for ITV, including ‘The Xtra Factor’, ‘Celebrity Juice’, and ‘This Morning’.

Holly has had a number of projects outside of television work, including fashion collaborations with Very.co.uk, and clothing and household design collaborations with British Home Stores. Holly has also written a children’s book series with her sister Kelly. The first book from ‘L’Etoile: School for Stars’, First Term at L’Etoile’ was released in 2013 and became the fasted selling debut of the year. Holly won a Children’s BAFTA award in 2006 for Best Presenter. In 2007, Holly married Dan Baldwin, whom she met whilst working on ‘Ministry of Mayhem’, and they have three children together, Harry, Belle, and Chester.

Challenges Overcome

Holly was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 15yrs and had always struggled at school with spelling, reading text off white paper, and remembering phone numbers. Teachers at school helped by printing work onto coloured paper so it was easier to read, “Which is brilliant in telly because scripts are always printed on coloured paper – never had a white script in my life. I was quite concerned when I first started using autocue… But as long as I’ve read it all once, and I know what’s coming, it’s fine.”

Disability Definitions

Dyslexia, also known as alexia or developmental reading disorder, is characterised by difficulties when learning to read and with differing language comprehension despite normal or above-average intelligence. This includes difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, processing speed, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, language skills and verbal comprehension, or rapid naming of objects. Dyslexia only affects some skills and abilities and is not linked to a person’s general level of intelligence.


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