Tony Griffin

Tony Griffin

What is your disability? Cerebral Palsy

What school did you attend? I went to a specialist disability residential school called Thomas De La Rue in Kent from the ages of 10yrs – 19yrs. This is where my interest in sport first began. I gained 5 GCSE s and 1 A level from school before leaving at 19yrs and returning to live in Bolton.

Have you lived in Bolton all your life?

I was born in Bolton and have lived in Bolton most of my life.

What did you do after you left school?

I got job in an office working for a building firm and worked there for 3 months. I then worked for the HMRC in the compliance department in Bolton.

How does your disability affect your everyday life?

My disability has never affected my everyday day life and I don’t consider myself to be disabled. Unfortunately I have had 2 strokes and this has affected my walking and has limited my physical ability to exercise resulting in me having to stop training and end my Paralympics career.

Can you give us a brief timeline of your sporting achievements throughout your life to present day?

1976 – I took part in my first Paralympic games in the south of France at the age of 16 yrs and won my first international gold medal.
1978- I competed in the games in Edinburgh and won gold medals whilst taking part with a broken ankle.
1980- I travelled with the British team and competed in the Holland games.
1984- I competed in the paralympic games in New York and won two gold medals for the javelin and Indian club throw. I broke two world records at these games. My world record of 50m in the Indian Club throw still stands today. I also won a silver medal in weightlifting and a Bronze medal as part of a 7 a side football team.
1986- The Commonwealth games in Belgium where the last I competed in. I retired from international athletics to start a family and return to my job with the HMRC in Bolton.
2012-I took part in the 2012 Paralympics opening ceremony as an aerial performer renacting the sport event (javelin) I won a gold medal in 120ft in the air.
I have won a total of 38 medals during my career and these were buried with my mother in 1989 when she died.

What is your favourite sporting event to take part in and spectate in?

My favourite activity to take part in is weightlifting and my favourite sport to watch is athletics.

What is your proudest achievement?

My proudest achievement was winning my Gold medal in the New York games.

Can you tell us about your role as a sports ambassador for Bolton Council in 2009 and your role for the Bolton Blind Society?

I visited schools across Bolton to give inspirational talks to pupils describing my sporting career and my achievements.

I am a patron for Bolton Society for Blind People and I promote Sport to young people in the society. I also help the society raise funds and attend events.

What current activities are you involved in at the moment?

I am not involved in much at the moment. I visit the occasional school to give talks and presentations about my sporting career and achievements. I want to inspire young people to take up sports.

What have you planned for the future?

I want to enjoy life and have a grandchild on the way that I am looking forward too.

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