Orlando Bloom

Born: January 13, 1977 – Canterbury, Kent, England, UK

Occupation: Actor

Challenges overcome: Dyslexia

Successes, Achievements & Awards:

Orlando bloom was born in Canterbury in Kent in 1977 and has one sister, Samantha Bloom. In 1993, he moved to London to follow a two-year A level course in Drama, Photography and Sculpture at Fine Arts College, Hampstead. He then joined the National Youth Theatre, spending two seasons there and earning a scholarship to train at the British American Drama Academy. Orlando Bloom began acting professionally with television roles in episodes of Casualty and Midsummer Murders, and subsequently made his film debut in Wilde (1997), opposite Stephen Fry, before entering the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, where he studied acting.

Orlando’s first major movie role was starring as Legolas in Peter Jackson’s multi award winning and successful The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. He has also starred in Disney’s highly successful Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. Orlando was nominated for and won many awards for his work in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Orlando Bloom became a UNICEF Goodwill ambassador in 2010. On 13 July 2010,Orlando Bloom was presented with an Honorary Degree from the University of Kent at Canterbury Cathedral. Orlando Bloom received the 2,521st star on the Hollywood walk of Fame on the 2 April 2014.

Orlando Bloom married lingerie model Miranda Kerr in 2010 and their son, Flynn, was born in 2011. Unfortunately the pair separated in 2013.

Challenges Overcome

Orlando was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 7 years old. He struggled at school with reading, writing and reading out loud.  He sees it as a gift because he has had to develop a creative mind to get around the problems he faces through his dyslexia. Having Dyslexia also enabled him to learn script lines better.

“The gift of dyslexia was that I learned everything forward and backward, inside out, so I was fully prepared. I had to learn everything so that I wouldn’t have stage fright or the lines wouldn’t fall out of my mind. I was terrified that with my dyslexia I would not be able to retain the dialogue. So I suppose I had a good handle on language, in a sense, at a young age.”

Disability Definitions


Dyslexia, also known as alexia or developmental reading disorder, is characterised by difficulties when learning to read and with differing language comprehension despite normal or above-average intelligence. This includes difficulty with phonological awareness, phonological decoding, processing speed, orthographic coding, auditory short-term memory, language skills and verbal comprehension, or rapid naming of objects. Dyslexia only affects some skills and abilities and is not linked to a person’s general level of intelligence.


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